Anesthesia Technician

  • Ensures through his actions, either directly or indirectly, that a superior quality of medical treatment, compassion and understanding is given to every patient served at the NMC Hospitals and Clinics.


  • Assists in all anesthesia procedures according to policy.


  • Audits the anesthetic equipment and materials to ensure that they are working

effectively and reports deficiencies immediately to the Anesthesiologist.


  • Reports faults in equipment or deficient supplies to the head of department or designate.


  • Interacts with other departments regarding non-clinical request i.e. inventory,

maintenance and biomedical.


  • Prepares purchase requests for the department.


  • Must abide by department policies and procedures as well as hospital by-laws, rules and regulations within the Quality Program.


  • Assists Anesthetist with assembling in the O.R. or where required, supplies and equipment for administration of anesthesia and patient monitoring for elective and emergency surgery.



A minimum of:


  • Graduate of an accredited training program for anesthesia technicians.
  • Current license certification in the kingdom.
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